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Nate Barbour

This posting was sent with an extremely heavy heart. Blue Knights L.E.M.C Maryland Chapter 1 has lost an incredible Blue Knights Brother of the utmost and highest order.

Our beloved Nate Barbour, accompanied by his brother in the knighthood and dear friend Henry Seppi, made it to the 2015 Pigs On The Beach. 

Brother Seppi advised this writer that Nate insisted on attending with the ongoing health concerns and discomforts withstanding.

I was touched in a most profound manner to have spoken with Nate, shake his hand embracing in those special hugs only Nate could give. Nate's gentle bearing and memory will always occupy a prominent place in my heart.

Ride with Pride our beloved Knight in Heaven One. 

I will not say goodbye, simply said I will meet you along the road of Heaven One. Please keep a watch for me !

Signed Brother Robert L. Freeman

Among the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club members,
 "There are no strangers, only friends you haven't met."
The following list consist of the names of 
30 MD1 members on our 
Heaven One Memorial Plaque to date 
(and their year of Transition To Heaven One). 

1) Stuart Levy-1979

2) Ruperto (Rudy) Maldonado-1985

3) Melvin A. Brown-1988

4) Alexander Alsop-1990

5) Rich Marino-1993

6) Larry D. Bowman-1994

7) Tom Teagle-1995

8) Ernest Cunningham-1997

9) Ralph L. Robinson-1998

10) Kerrie E. Lipscomb-2000

11) Dement C. Person-2000

12) William C. Price-2001

13) Matthew J. Vinciquerra-2001

14) Michael L. McCampbell-2002

15) Arnold Freeman-2003

16) William "Pop" Holmes-2005

17) Warren T. Holmes-2005

18) Earl E. Tolson, Jr.-2007

19) Philip H. Kenney-2009

20) William R. Faulcon-2009

21) Edward E. Smith-2009

22) Able Copeland-2010

23) Frank Strother-2010

24) Charles R. Bacon, Jr.-2010

25) Frank Gillespie-2011

26) Warner O. Baxter-2014

27) Wayne R. Thompson-2015

28) Nathaniel "Nat" Barbour-2015

29) Larry G. Coates-2016

30) William "Bill" Pinkett-2016

--------END LIST-------

FYI: All names and dates above are as shown on the Heaven One Memorial Plaque.

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